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Oliber is an orthotics for people with atrophied hands. We understand how hard it can be for them to just eat, write, or using your phone! So Oliber is here to help them do that using magnets and metal plates, enabling the users to attach any object they want.

Who is Oliber?


Quality and resistance

Oliber is made by simple materials like neoprene, a soft and washable fabric that doesn't generate wounds on the skin. It has 2 magnets that can hold up to 1 kg (2.2 lbs) and velcro which makes it adaptable to any size.

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Pick your Oliber

Oliber is customizable and you can pick your own! There are many colors to choose from. If you want a special design made use for you, write us and we'll make it happen.

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Easy posture

Oliber is easy to put on and the users can do it by themselves. Here you can see how to do it

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How does it work?

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Quality Certificate from DEBRA

Different colors to choose from

Olibers made by Dante Bravo



The material is very soft, it does not hurt me despite having this type of skin.

Ariadna Faúndez. Patient with EB. (Butterfly skin)

The magnets adapt very easily, I can eat, I can write.

Deyanira Marican. Patient with EB. (Butterfly skin)

Is a simple, economic and very easy to use solution. Besides, it works for any pathology where the hand function is being reduced.

Matias Orellana. Physiatrist of Teletón, Coaniquem and DEBRA

Is a tremendous contribution for butterfly skin kids.

Dr. Francis Palisson. Dermatologist. Founder and President of DEBRA.

Pedro's Testimony

Look how Oliber is changing Pedro's life
and giving him independency.

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Have any question?

If you want to know more about us or want to buy an Oliber for someone that can't afford it, contact us in contacto@myoliber.com and we'll help you. If you know someone with the same condition, or disabilities on their upper limbs, let them know there's a new solution for them!

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